Special Projects

The Special Projects unit provides community outreach and awareness programmes, particularly focusing on the enormous impact that the creative industries can have in addressing issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, especially in raising awareness of the disease and facilitating a culture of healing and positive living through the processes of art and craft.


The unit has many outreach programmes, including Paper Prayers, At-Risk Children and Orphans with NOAH’s arks – Artists in Arks, public art commissions and advocacy murals, as well as partnerships.  Additionally, the Special Projects unit has developed a holistic approach to promoting social change through art and craft by making innovative connections with the Education unit. Engagement with various social issues provides an opportunity for the students to give back to their communities while gaining significant life and work experience. This approach aims at growing committed, skilled, and professional artists who make meaningful contributions in society through outreach.  Income for the Special Projects unit comes primarily from public art commissions, donations and grants.


Artists In Arks

Artists in Arks


The Special Projects Unit has retained the NOAH: Artists in Schools partnership for five years with the support of the Johnson and Johnson and the Ackerman Foundation. During the last three years we have run interventions in three sites in Soweto, placing the same facilitators in the same Arks as 2010. We have been running two classes a week in all of the Arks.

Art Connection SA

png-1024x561The Art Connection’s mission is to make art accessible to people who would benefit from exposure to original art in their daily lives but may not currently have access to it. The Art Connection identifies artists willing to donate their work, shows the artwork to qualified agencies, and teaches them to care for the art. The works of art then become the permanent property of the recipient agencies.

Mural Painting

steve_biko_mural_06Special Projects benefits through increased capacity to manage and deliver on large-scale projects and the Education Unit is able to provide opportunities for workplace experience. Processes and methodologies of planning, conceptualization, initiation and delivery of artwork related to Special Projects are some areas of professional development that are experienced first-hand by the students.