Art Connection SA


Art Connection SA

Artist Proof Studio has partnered with The Art Connection (Boston) to bring an exciting program that BRINGS ART TO LIFE! The Art Connection SA program identifies organisations that provide a social service to the public and installs artworks donated by artists. The Art Connection SA program is facilitated by APS’ Special Projects unit.

What is The Art Connection?
Founded in Boston as a non-profit organization in 1995, The Art Connection’s mission is to make art accessible to people who would benefit from exposure to original art in their daily lives but may not currently have access to it. The Art Connection identifies artists willing to donate their work, shows the artwork to qualified agencies, and teaches them to care for the art. The works of art then become the permanent property of the recipient agencies.

Are you an ARTIST or ORGANISATION looking to get involved...?

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Recipient Organisations

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More About Recipient Organisations

Teddy Bear Clinic


The Teddy Bear Clinic’s Medico-legal Clinic is a specialised medical facility for children who have been abused or neglected.





COPESSA is a multiple award-winning community based organisation whose reason for being is the prevention of child abuse and neglect.


Moving Into Dance Mophatong


Moving into Dance has had a major impact as a leading Contemporary African dance company, pioneering our new Afrofusion and Edudance styles.

Lalela Art Projects


Lalela’s curriculum is primarily cantered on equipping school learners with vast creative arts skills and knowledge, empowering them to make positive impact in their lives and community

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